Ever woke from a dream and wished you hadn't ?   Ever become so enthralled with an idea that you couldn't let it go ?   Has anything in your life created such a fiery passion that it consumed you with curiosity + wonderment ?


Luckily that's been my experience, and this site is the genesis and culmination of that experience, of that longing for finding something greater than myself, greater than anything I've ever known before. Some people are born with exceptional talents and gifts of singing, dancing and athleticism. Mine was art. The ability to create ideas in my mind and express them thru various mediums.


I created this site to share those ideas, and my hope is that after seeing some of my work, it inspires you to do the same, to find your passion in life. When that's found, you become the best of you and begin a magical journey of joy, discovery & enlightenment.

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I have found Dave to be personable, reliable, hard working, detail-oriented, and professional in his approach to projects and clients. One of his best talents is his ability to conceptualize, visualize and effectively communicate ideas through rapid hand-sketches.  This capability has proven to be extremely helpful in both project-related design charettes and marketing efforts. Weekends & evenings are not in Dave's vocabulary when a deadline approaches. 

 Ian A. Nestler  -  AIA Principal PGAL Architects 

 I have worked with Dave for over 20 years on a number of projects. His work ethic and commitment to detail are exceptional. His leadership skills and ability are extraordinary. I returned to the office after my initial meeting with Dave and remarked that I had met a true professional who was knowledgeable, informed, and extremely well qualified. A truly remarkable talent, leader and professional. 

 Ed McWhorter  -  President SIKON Construction 

“Architecture + Art is ones perception which through a transformation emerges as an essence with an idea. The perception originates from ones soul, an idea is formulated from ones mind. Great Architecture + Art does not exist if both are not embodied in the work. An idea from the mind and a perception from the soul in regard to form must create something that of which has not yet been. Architecture + Art like a poem surpasses it’s origins. There is no true piece of Architecture + Art without true Creation.”

Dave Chernin - Founder 

I first met Dave Chernin when he was a student at Pratt. Later he worked for us in New York before returning to Florida. Over the last 25 years we have stayed in touch, and I have followed his career with interest. Dave has matured into a talented and experienced design professional. He has led the design on a wide variety of challenging projects. He has proven design + illustration skills.

 Bradford Perkins  -  FAIA Chairman of PERKINS EASTMAN Architects